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We custom tailor a litigation strategy to achieve your desired results. At our law firm we measure success not by the number of motions and trials that we win, but by the time and the cost that it takes to achieve our client’s objectives.


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We use the federal, state, and local courts to provide litigation solutions to business, co-op, condominium, and real property challenges that arise between businesses, among business owners, and among real property owners and tenants.


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We offer a wide variety of pre-litigation services that will not only apprise you of your legal rights, but will give you a clear and concise picture of where you sit legally, and what steps are available to you and your business to defend or assert your legal rights.

Business & Commercial Litigation

Business & Commercial Litigation

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Real Property Litigation

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Co-op & Condominium Litigation

Attorney, Peter Sverd

Peter Sverd is an experienced litigation attorney representing individual and corporate clients before the Courts of the State of New York, as well as, in the Eastern and Southern Districts of the United States Federal District Courts. Mr. Sverd has litigated extensively for individual and corporate clients in the areas of contract disputes, corporate dissolution and partnership disputes, actions arising out of breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder derivative actions, judgment enforcement actions, actions to set aside fraudulent conveyances, co-op, condo, and real property litigation, actions to quiet title, partition actions, as well as, commercial and residential landlord-tenant matters.
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“Peter Sverd has been my attorney for the past seven years, representing me in five separate civil cases (three went to trial). Peter is one of those rare and exceptional attorneys who’s legal proficiency, is only out-weighed by his respectful and pleasant demeanor. Peter Sverd is among the top trial litigators in New York, excellent at understanding complex legal issues, and presenting them in simple and understandable terms to both his clients and the Court. Peter Sverd aggressively fought for my rights until he was able to obtain justice for me, he never gave up or gave in. After seven years, one divorce, three complex corporate cases, and one civil case, I not only consider Mr. Sverd one of the best attorneys in New York but consider him a very trusted friend. I strongly recommend this Mr. Peter Sverd.” Lien
Excellent in all business matters. Buying, selling and business disputes always resolved in our favor. We sold a business with Peter representing us in 2007. In 2010, the new owner defaulted and because of the ironclad promissory note, Peter designed, we were able to get the business back without incident. After having the business back for a few years, we re-sold it again in 2013. The buyer's lawyer was a little crafty and tried to put some unfavorable paragraphs in the contract. Peter was able to identify the pitfalls and respond with a fair contract which again was bulletproof. Peter is honest and fair. Highly recommended.” Christopher
“I asked Peter to help me with a business dispute. He was to the point and very effective at helping me get this resolved in a positive way.” Martin

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